Artisan Glass Stained Glass Ultimate Tool Kit

Stained Glass Tool Kit

Artisan Glass  Ultimate (First Set Up) Stained Glass Tool Kit

A comprehensive tool kit put together by Stained Glass Artist and Instructor Greg Stefan that includes : tools, grinder,  foil, patinas, solder, wire, everything you need to get started making stained glass and get your first setup started right with quality tools.
The kit also includes: saftey equipment and tools needed for making traditional came method Stained Glass.
You just provide your favorite design and  glass!

$11.02 Pistol Grip Glass Cutter

$9.97 Breaker Pliers

$11.63 Running pliers

$4.37 Glass Edging Stone

$4.72 18” Cork Back Ruler

$5.33 24” Cork Back Ruler

$20.12 48” Cork Back Ruler

$154.99 Glastar – Diamond Star Glass Grinder

$43.57 Glastar Stained Glass Foiler Machine

$4.81 Wooden Fid

$12.23 Lead Dyke Pliers

$12.77 Lead Came Vise

$10.93 Lead Knife

$14.52 Aluminum Push Pins

$ 64.99 Glastar Iron Temperature Control

$34.96 100W Soldering Iron

$4.46 Iron Tip Cleaning Sponge

$13.12 Iron Stand

$2.01 Tweezers

$16.90 60/40 Solder

$8.13 Copper/Copper 7/32 Foil

$10.50 Black/Copper 7/32 Foil

$7.35 Tinned Copper Wire 14GA

$8.40 Cutting oil

$9.00 Glastar Stained Glass Flux

$7.61 Black Patina

$6.21 Copper Patina

 $6.98 Face Shield

$531.87 Total

$40+ OFF

Artisan Glass Starter Kit Price $ 489.00+Phila sales tx.,shipping (14.95)